M1 – Crab Nebula; M35 in Gemini and NGC 2158

Went out again tonight, even though the Sky Clouded over still managed a few sky shots, this one is of M1 the Crab Nebula and M35.  for the M35 Image if you look closely to the lower right you will see NGC 2158 in the background, a more compact  and more distant open cluster that is behind M35.m35_ngc2158_MG_0429

Learned something pretty cool this week

Its not often that I end a week on a high note like this one. In this world where it seem like not much new happens, this week I learned something pretty cool. For some time I have been seeking an easy way to share data between MS Excel and a database. This week, even though its been there for some time, I found it. It means turning a few obscure plug-ins on, Installing a bit of software on my computer and of course learing yet another computer language. After a while most computer languages look the same and installing software and plugins and making them work is a lot of Trial and error and patience.

But this week it worked.

Better go home and update my resume!