My Hawaiian Adventure

Just back from spending 2 months in Hawaii, working on developing a new business with a friend.  The company was HonuBoard ETC LLC.  Two months of work were for not, we have parted ways and I am moving back to working in the Oil Patch in Canada.  I leave Hawaii behind parting with many fond memories of the time I spent there and the friends that I made.

Looking forward to expanding the scope of my sacred site work by adding tours of sacred sites in Hawaii.

Snowed in….. in the Kootenays

Returned to the Kootenays a week ago, still here, snowed into Sandpoint 2 days, into Creston 2 days, had to move daughter out of Mold infested cottage 2 days, a trip up Sandpoint today and New Denver on Sunday. Then back to Calgary (Chinook Country)

I will miss this place …… not 

Still working with Gaillen on my Aloha project.  A tremendous opportunity for a business, just need some help to get it started.  Check out the latest: