Updating the Portfolio of Websites Supported

We are in the process of converting all the current websites to WordPress.  This will allow us to maintain and update these in the future.  In addition we are adding more sites for other clients.

Some of the recent conversions are:



Some others in development are:

A replacement for: www.mksp.ca A Web site for the Mount Kobau Star Party held in August each year.  The plan is to have this site ready by the end of this calendar year

The following are not live just yet, but I am working on them.

Astronomy projects:



Personal projects:



Re-establishment of www.shrinesandsacredsites.com a project I developed more than a decade ago when I started creating web-sites.

So now I have set my task list out there, and I can get on with building these websites.

As well as providing support for others as they arise.

Roger Nelson, The Blue Grid AB Ltd.

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