The Little Sombrero NGC 7814 the last NGC Object

If you look at any list of NGC (New General Catalog) objects you will note that the last one on this list is 7814. Tonite this one was the galaxy that was the objective of my hunt. It sits just off to the right of the lower left star in the Square of Pegasus. This star is also known as Algenib or Gamma Peg. With my 4″ scope and a 30 second exposure, the Galaxy shows up as a faint whisp, I need to do a little work to perfect my technique.

Why I was looking for this one on this night, is early Feb is the last time this one will be visible. Soon it will be lost in the evening twilight unitl the fall when it will be observable in the morning hours. By the middle of March it will be out of reach.

After I snapped a few images of this, I went over to Orion and found more targets there, but I will save the stories about these to another night.

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