Somethings old and somethings new

It’s been some time since I have posted to this blog, but over the past few days I have seen it necessary to review these websites and bring them up to date.  I hope that has been completed for now.

2017 has seen the return of website support work. First it was to support my wife Grace’s campaign for Calgary City Council.  It meant reviewing and updating my knowledge of WordPress itself.  see the results at

To Add on and cement the lessons learned I repeated with the creation of my Astronomy Blog, (or Blog dedicated to Astronomy) at 

A number of sites that I had created over the years have “Moved On” and I am no longer supporting them, there are a new crop in the works and you can expect to see them soon.

There has been new work with a very old client from 20 years ago.


Learned something pretty cool this week

Its not often that I end a week on a high note like this one. In this world where it seem like not much new happens, this week I learned something pretty cool. For some time I have been seeking an easy way to share data between MS Excel and a database. This week, even though its been there for some time, I found it. It means turning a few obscure plug-ins on, Installing a bit of software on my computer and of course learing yet another computer language. After a while most computer languages look the same and installing software and plugins and making them work is a lot of Trial and error and patience.

But this week it worked.

Better go home and update my resume!

Snowed in….. in the Kootenays

Returned to the Kootenays a week ago, still here, snowed into Sandpoint 2 days, into Creston 2 days, had to move daughter out of Mold infested cottage 2 days, a trip up Sandpoint today and New Denver on Sunday. Then back to Calgary (Chinook Country)

I will miss this place …… not 

Still working with Gaillen on my Aloha project.  A tremendous opportunity for a business, just need some help to get it started.  Check out the latest: