More changes – New Capabilities

More changes planned,

I have decided to work with the Theme Co Pro Theme. As this offers virtually unlimited flexibility to build sites with out the constraint of purchase and adapting themes from various sources as I have been doing up to now and suffering the creative constraints placed upon the you by the creator’s of these themes.

Also have begun to more closely track the software versions and updates that I am using, plus taking more careful efforts to track the usage, analytics, activity on the sites.   As well monitoring the security is of increasing importance.

A number of sites have been phased out, new ones have been added.   Most notably there will be a re-release of some existing sites using the new theme.


Updating the Portfolio of Websites Supported

We are in the process of converting all the current websites to WordPress.  This will allow us to maintain and update these in the future.  In addition we are adding more sites for other clients.

Some of the recent conversions are:

Some others in development are:

A replacement for: A Web site for the Mount Kobau Star Party held in August each year.  The plan is to have this site ready by the end of this calendar year

The following are not live just yet, but I am working on them.

Astronomy projects:

None to be announced at this time

Personal projects:

Re-establishment of a project I developed more than a decade ago when I started creating web-sites.

So now I have set my task list out there, and I can get on with building these websites.

As well as providing support for others as they arise.

Roger Nelson, The Blue Grid AB Ltd.

It’s been a while

Traversing time and space can be an experience, since my last post on this BLOG, The Blue Grid has also traversed a lot of ground.  Our relationship with a certain Natural Gas Pipeline in the US North East has continued, we have worked with them to build and implement automation processes to streamline the back-office system to support the nomination, confirmation and scheduling of the pipeline.   To-date, even though is takes time, we have moved the project forward and we are seeing results.  We also foresee a day in the not to distant future where this work will be done, and we will move onto other work.

The big change since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, is there is no travel to visit our clients, all the work has to be done from Calgary.

Somethings old and somethings new

It’s been some time since I have posted to this blog, but over the past few days I have seen it necessary to review these websites and bring them up to date.  I hope that has been completed for now.

2017 has seen the return of website support work. First it was to support my wife Grace’s campaign for Calgary City Council.  It meant reviewing and updating my knowledge of WordPress itself.

To Add on and cement the lessons learned I repeated with the creation of my Astronomy Blog, (or Blog dedicated to Astronomy) at 

A number of sites that I had created over the years have “Moved On” and I am no longer supporting them, there are a new crop in the works and you can expect to see them soon.

There has been new work with a very old client from 20 years ago.


Learned something pretty cool this week

Its not often that I end a week on a high note like this one. In this world where it seem like not much new happens, this week I learned something pretty cool. For some time I have been seeking an easy way to share data between MS Excel and a database. This week, even though its been there for some time, I found it. It means turning a few obscure plug-ins on, Installing a bit of software on my computer and of course learing yet another computer language. After a while most computer languages look the same and installing software and plugins and making them work is a lot of Trial and error and patience.

But this week it worked.

Better go home and update my resume!

Workin in a Coal Mine

Actually for a Coal Mine. Grande Cache Coal to be exact. I did some work in 2011 to develop an EDI system to help with the release of the Trains from the mine. This time it has been to help with the production reporting within the mine and for Logistics. The objective was to replace a number of ad-hoc reporting mechanisms with a reporting systems integrated with the Production monitoring and reporting systems in the mine and the ERP that reports and accounts for things. If you are in this business you will have an idea of what I am talking about. Otherwise this will be all greek.

Grande Cache has two operations going on at this time, one is underground, one is on the surface. Why some might question why mine the coal, it is bad for the environment and untimately damaging for the planet. Well it comes down to should this coal be mined? I think this is the important point. Decisions to produce this natural resource over others is a case by case situation. While I can not disclose details of the operation, as I am under contract with them at the moment, I have seen every evidence that this company is doing it in a respectful and considerate manner.

As for the coal, while some of it is used for thermal power generation, this is a byproduct of the operation. A majority of the coal is used for steel production.

My EDI adventure

I have been working for the past few weeks on creating an EDI interface between Grande Cache Coal Corp and CN Railways to speed up the process of getting trains released from the mine (in NW Alberta.) The project is coming along well. We are now waiting for the Translation software to arrive. Then we can get on with the implementation.

Its been a process of analyzing the business processes, collecting information and specifications, getting the coding and the mappings that will work in this case, selecting and purchasing a package to customize. We are now mid-way through and its fun to work with this again. It did not take long for me to pick up the knowledge, that was a few years ago something that I lived on a daily basis.

Now to add the experience to my resume.


My Hawaiian Adventure

Just back from spending 2 months in Hawaii, working on developing a new business with a friend.  The company was HonuBoard ETC LLC.  Two months of work were for not, we have parted ways and I am moving back to working in the Oil Patch in Canada.  I leave Hawaii behind parting with many fond memories of the time I spent there and the friends that I made.

Looking forward to expanding the scope of my sacred site work by adding tours of sacred sites in Hawaii.